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Gangster Game Rules and Disclaimer

Please be sure to read all of the text below before joining and / or playing Gangster Game.

By joining Gangster Game you agree to abide by the following terms and conditions. If you do not agree to the terms of this document, do not register an account with Gangster Game.

Your Rights:
1) You should play Gangster Game for enjoyment and fun only

2) You do not have to pay to play Gangster Game

3) We'd love you to tell anyone and everyone about Gangster Game

4) You can play Gangster Game on any computer you have legal access to

5) We hope you will post links to Gangster Game on other Internet sites, and mention Gangster Game in any other format you wish
Your Responsibilities:
6) You must *NOT* have more than one living player account at any one time

7) You must *NOT* exploit any bugs in Gangster Game for your own (or other people's) advantage

8) You must *NOT* attempt to hack, gain access to or otherwise manipulate the Internet servers on which Gangster Game is based

9) You must *NOT* use any automated or semi-automated computer programs, and / or software to engage in Gangster Game gameplay

10) You must *NOT* discriminate or encourage discrimination against any Gangster Game player or Administrator

11) You must *NOT* participate in any threatening behaviour against any Gangster Game player or Administrator outside that which is considered to be acceptable in the form of gameplay
In Addition:
12) The Gangster Game source code is protected by international copyright and may not be copied or replicated without prior permission

13) You accept and agree that access to Gangster Game is provided as is and is done so at your own risk

14) You do not *OWN* any object or account on Gangster Game, the software is provided to you under a license which can be revoked at any time without your consultation or consent

15) Members of the Gangster Game Admin Team may delete, suspend, or otherwise downgrade your account in any way without recourse to complaint by either yourself or others

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