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Commit a Crime!

No gangster will make it far without any cash. With the in-game crimes section, here is your chance to make some quick easy money!

Not only will your wealth increase by doing these, so will your rank.

Beware, all crimes are just that. Crimes. And if you get caught by the cops, you will spend some time in a fine institution!

In no particular order, here are SOME of the crimes you'll be committing once you register to play:
- A contract scaring of a businessman

- Visit the cinema with a video camera

- Make a fake insurance claim

- Dealing to some out of town junkies

- Burgling the local old people’s home

- Scaring a local politician

- Get a new identity and arrange some credit cards

- Collecting for a fake charity

- Taking away a pram, just for the wheels

- Selling faked tickets to wasted students at a music concert

- Selling weed at a bar

- Stealing candy from a baby

What do you need for a IRL Gangster experience

So you want to get the real gangster experience offline, well here’s what you need: A classic scenario is a poker event and all you need is this: A proper poker table, poker chips, decks of cards, cigars and of course the mobster outfits. To get some practice before the poker event, why not jump online for some poker game action? Great way to train yourself.

- Pilfering handbags in the mall

- Breaking into the safe at the casino

- Slight of hand street-crime

- Taking out the competition for a local business

- Daring raid on a security van

- Robbing the local art gallery

- Arrange offshore accounts for a local celebrity

- Intercept an ATM refilling

- Running booze for the local mob

- Robbing a local celebrity

- Steal a supermarkets entire stock

- Credit card fraud

- Cashing stolen cheques

- Robbing some change from a busking drunkard

- Contract assassination of a cheating husband

- Thieving the milk delivery from a doorway

- Bribing young lovers with candid photos

- Breaking someone`s legs on contract

- Selling fake raffle-tickets

- Stealing the hubcaps from a car

- Helping yourself from a till at knifepoint

- Mugging a pizza delivery boy

- Drive by hit and run

- Robbing a man while asking a light

- Stealing the takings from the nightclub

- Breaking windows for a glazier

- Kidnap a celebrity`s child

- Forging some tickets to sell at the stadium
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