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 RIP: Slimz 
Grim Reaper
10/Jan/18, 10:15
Sadly, Slimz has been killed in action. You can pay your last respects below.

In memoriam Slimz.

10/Jan/18, 11:19
R.I.P Bro

12/Jan/18, 13:29
Hello there gangsters.
I have come with a warning to you all, dont waste money on this game, dont donate at all.
Chief our head admin has boosted a lot of accounts with bullets and cash, ofc he got money right in his pocket for this.
I have heard many stories out there about GG corruption.
I always had a though about it, and when Woody was admin, he gave me bullets cash and rank boost, that is when I got my theory confirmed.
Now I hear out other players, all have been boosted by admin team at some point.
Most of them reported to Chief about this ofc, Chief solution was to ban them as long as they dont have any proof.
And Chief had the worst boosts ofc, nobody could see that because he is main Admin.
Forget about the dcs if you want a strong acc, contact Chief, he will give you a acc with full bgs, bullets money and unlimited clicklimits as long as you pay him well.

This game is done.
When the Main Admin give favors to players its over.
I have no faith in this game anymore...
I wanted to make a long story about this but dont have time tbh.
You have been warned, if you wanna believe me its up to you.
Play the game and enjoy it, but remember your small donation wont cut the big donators that get special boosts.

I will be banned by the time you read this, Chief will probably also delete this Topic.
Take Care, member since Beta, Now its time to say farewell.

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